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What is PursuitWise?

PursuitWise is a virtual student support service which consists of an online suite of smart assessments and career support by our Career Navigators. Our assessments, Career Compass and MicroCompass, will help you identify careers that are in-demand, high paying and part of growing industries. Our Career Navigators are Master’s level career and college counselors who will advise you on your interests, career options and walk you through the process of getting the training and education needed to reach your goals. With these tools available at your fingertips, Make Your Career Happen with PursuitWise.

Who should take the Career Assessments on PursuitWise?

PursuitWise supports you in finding career opportunities in high-demand, fast growing industries and connects you the right education/training to get you there. Whether a high school student, career changer or anyone interested in access to growing career options, PursuitWise helps you Make Your Career Happen!

How often can I use your services?

You can use our tools and services as often as you like. Our goal is to help you reach your career and educational goals.

What are Career Compass and Micro-Compass?

Career Compass and MicroCompass are two of our Smart Assessments designed to help you explore career options. They are “smart” because these interest assessments use current labor market data to help connect your interests to jobs and industries that are in-demand, high paying and growing. Career Compass matches you to six of the highest growing industries within Orange County, California. MicroCompass assessments map your interests to specific occupations and job titles within those industries and connect you to education options specifically within Orange County, California.

What will my assessment results tell me?

Your Career Compass and MicroCompass results will match you to high-demand, fast growing industries and career options that would be of interest and worthy of further career exploration and consideration. In addition, you will also find the colleges that offer the programs and training that can lead you to your desired career pathway. We encourage you to contact a Career Navigator after you take an assessment to receive a personalized interpretation of your results, career guidance, and educational/training support.

What if I need help understanding my Career Assessment results?

A Career Navigator is available via chat, email, and phone to assist you in understanding and talking through your Career Compass and MicroCompass results.

How are the CareerCompass and MicroCompass assessments designed?

All of our career assessment tools are designed by professionals in assessment, career development, and organizational design. The assessments are continually validated using labor market data, job descriptions and subject matter experts.

How accurate are my Career Assessment results?

Your results are intended to guide you in your career exploration. They are not meant to be an absolute indicator of job success. We encourage you to contact a Career Navigator at the end of your assessment experience to receive a personalized interpretation of your results, career guidance, and educational support.

What kind of training and education enrollment support do you provide?

PursuitWise career assessments and career mentors focus on helping you enroll in California Community Colleges.

What parts of California do you serve?

Currently, PursuitWise serves all Orange County California Community Colleges, but expects to extend to other parts of the state and country in the future.

Who are the Career Navigators? ​

Career Navigators are professionally trained career and college counselors with graduate degrees in counseling. They have expertise and training in career counseling, major selection, enrollment, career education, and college related issues.

What kind of advice can I get from a Career Navigator?

Career Navigators can provide you with a personalized interpretation of your assessment results, career guidance, and educational support. Career Navigators support your career goals by:

  • Helping you understand which high-demand career options would fit your specific career interests, skills and values
  • Informing you about the application process in various colleges
  • Helping you apply to the major/training and college of your choice
  • Connecting you with the appropriate personnel at colleges
  • Helping you enroll and complete your program
  • Transitioning to the world of work

Are my conversations with a Career Navigator confidential?

While your conversations are private, they may be recorded for training purposes. Additionally, general (not specific) information about your situation may be shared to help us understand enrollment needs.

Can a Career Navigator help me with any career issue – even if I am not interested in a community college?

Career Navigators specialize in helping you transition to a high-demand, fast growing industry career and provide guidance to help you get the education and training needed at a California Community College. However, if you have a question outside this scope of expertise, our Career Navigators are happy to direct you to the appropriate resource to help.

Can a Career Navigator help me with transfer to a 4-year university?

Career Navigators are available to support enrollment into a California Community College and career education program as well as answer transfer questions. Additionally, your Career Navigator can connect you to the appropriate resources on your current campus or campus of interest to make sure all your questions are answered.

How many times can I talk to a Career Navigator?

As many times as needed to support you in enrolling into your program or training of choice. Once enrolled, Career Navigators will connect you to the appropriate resources on your campus.

Can a Career Navigator help me with financial aid?

Your Career Navigator can offer you resources to help you explore financial aid. Career Navigators also connect you to financial aid resources as needed.

Can a Career Navigator give me college admissions advice?

Your Career Navigator can help you understand more about the college admissions and enrollment process. In addition, Career Navigators connect you with the appropriate campus personnel for additional admission questions.

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