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Pipefitters and Steamfitters are responsible for every aspect of the installation and maintenance of piping systems.

A Day in the Life of a Pipefitter and Steamfitter

Pipefitter and Steamfitter

As a Pipefitter or Steamfitter, you would lay out, assemble, install, or maintain multiple pipe systems, pipe supports, or related hydraulic and/or pneumatic equipment. Hydraulic or pneumatic equipment are used for steam, hot water, heating, cooling, lubricating, sprinkling, or industrial production or processing systems. Troubleshooting leaks and faulty materials, the ability to work independently, and possibly working underground are all markers of this job.

Your daily duties may include…

Performing a variety of preventive maintenance and repair work on automatic and manually operated irrigation systems to ensure proper operation; replacing and performing major and/or minor repairs on valves; repairing and/or replacing broken or leaking lines; and locating damaged wires. Operate company vehicles such as trucks, man lift, raft, and bob cat. Operate a variety of tools and equipment used in the repair and maintenance of irrigation systems, including small hand tools.

Fitter will fabricate fire sprinkler piping, install fire sprinkler heads and piping, perform inspections, repair leaks on overhead or underground, with fire sprinklers, fire hydrants, fire pumps, and standpipe systems.

Colleges offering this program

Orange Coast College

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