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How We Came to Be

PursuitWise was formed at the happy intersection of two approaches coming together to deliver innovative, high-quality online student support services. Applied Learning Science brings science and research to the design of its cutting-edge Smart Assessment Tools that deliver work-force driven career options and viable employment solutions.  Career Journeys uses a highly engaging student-centered mentoring approach to guide people through all elements of their career and educational journeys.

PursuitWise connects students to high-demand career paths through a personal, easy-to-access, and supportive student experience. Tom, Anna and Serena’s passion and focus on helping others has led to the birth of a company which is transforming lives and making careers happen!

Tom Cohenno


Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Serena Santillanes


Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Anna Campbell, MS

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Our Approach

PursuitWise is a virtual student support service. We Match you to high-demand and growing career options that best fit your interests, skills and values. We Map out your education and training path to that career. We Mentor you along the way so you can MAKE YOUR CAREER HAPPEN!


Access our online assessment tools that connect you to growing industries and well-paying career options that best match your interests and preferences.

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Let us help you map the best education and training options for you and the critical steps needed to enroll and track your progress.

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Receive free virtual guidance and support about your career options, career exploration, and the best education and training for you. Let us connect you to the right people in your program, certification or degree of choice. We are only a call or click away!

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